这篇文章是由A.G. Klei U.S. Agency for 国际发展 (USAID) Mission in Madagascar’s Senior Development and Outreach Communications Advisor, 和米娅Randriamampianina, Communications Officer for the USAID Mikajy environmental activity in Madagascar.
这篇文章最初是这样写的 美国国际开发署的介质的博客.

只是一个, sandy road knits together three ecological treasures along the west coast of Madagascar.

Take the road north from the mangrove-fringed coastal city of Morondava and you’ll discover the towering Avenue of the Baobabs. 头往北, and you’ll find the fortress of limestone spires and deep gorges of the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. Nestled in between are the dry forests of Menabe-Antimena, 许多狐猴物种的家园, 马达加斯加巨型跳鼠, 和窝, 马达加斯加最大的食肉动物.

但就像一场毁灭性的魔术, the dry forests of Menabe-Antimena are disappearing―scythed by the sharp blades of axes and farmers’ hoes, 在一场蓄意的森林大火中化为灰烬, and replaced by the rustling leaves of corn and peanut crops.

Despite the granting of official protected status in 2007, a creeping deforestation in the early 2000s has turned cataclysmic in the past few years as migrants―driven by environmental degradation, 贫困, and drought in the south of Madagascar―move into the area. This influx of people increased demands on the land as some new arrivals turned to informal farming to feed themselves and others were hired and exploited as cheap labor to illegally clear and burn large swaths of forest for corporate agriculture.

Today, almost half of Menabe’s original dry forests have been destroyed.

但形势可能会向有利于森林的方向转变, 多亏了一个积极分子联盟的努力. The situation has drawn the attention of international organizations, including a USAID environmental project called Mikajy, 哪些是资助亲身参与的保育活动, 比如森林巡逻, 消防, 和植树造林, as well as promoting community engagement and governance of natural resources. The World Wildlife Fund, KEW Madagascar, and Durrell are also hard at work in the region. Local NGOs like Voahary and Fanamby have taken charge of promoting conservation in the protected area. And all groups are actively working with the regional government and the national environment ministry on this challenge.

Perhaps the most unlikely members of this coalition are local youth, who in 2018 founded an association called Fo Sarotiny amin’ny Ala, 或FOSA, 为了纪念干燥的森林捕食者. 这个名字的意思是“IM体育最新版下载珍爱IM体育最新版下载的森林”.”

Gladys, 19, has been a member of FOSA since the beginning. She was part of a group of young high school graduates invited to participate in a training workshop on biodiversity conservation and youth empowerment, 由Fanamby. The experience opened her eyes to the extinction-level threats the forests were facing―and also to her ability to do something about it.

"I remember the time when I accompanied my father in the protected area,” said Gladys . “I was so fascinated by the different species of birds, 大的树, 森林里不同的动物. 现在我觉得一切都在消失. Menabe-Antimena is currently on the verge of ruin if nothing is done."


FOSA formed chapters in each of Menabe-Antimena’s 12 districts. 从早期开始, their ranks have swelled to more than 100 youth volunteers between 16 and 32 years old. 他们的主要重点是重新造林, due to the positive effects on biodiversity conservation, 和生态旅游, 哪一个是地区经济的主要贡献者.

The USAID Mikajy project provides training to FOSA members, 以及其他社区参与者, 关于如何管理树木苗圃, 监测幼苗的健康生长, 执行重新造林, 爱护新栽的树.

Gladys says FOSA members recognize the forests are critical for the wellbeing of their communities and they are committed to the conservation of these forests for future generations.

“实现这一目标的唯一途径,”格拉迪斯说, 是通过社区赋权, making people aware of the importance of biodiversity, 密集的恢复, 以及建立防火屏障."

了两年, the youth volunteers of FOSA have been collecting seeds from native plants and establishing forest nurseries. This March, the association mobilized to reforest and restore 25 hectares of the protected area. 超过24,000 seedlings growing in the group’s community nurseries will be part of the next wave of reforestation.

The future of the Menabe-Antimena dry forests is still uncertain, but there are reasons for optimism.

今年早些时候, the Government of Madagascar launched a campaign to plant 60 million trees to mark the country’s 60 years of independence, 并将重新造林作为国家的首要任务. 伙伴联盟是积极和参与的. 也许是最重要的, local youth are leading efforts for change through education, 激进主义, 和行动.

Alfred, 22, a FOSA Vice President, says the group is dedicated to the conservation of the forest.

“如果IM体育最新版下载现在不承担责任, these precious gems of our region will disappear forever,”他说.

A.G. Klei

A.G. Klei

A.G. Klei is the senior communications advisor for USAID Madagascar since 2016. He has more than 20 years of experience directing integrated communications for large national and international organizations in the public health 和发展 sectors, 像美国国际开发署, 世界自然基金会, 以及加拿大政府卫生机构. A.G. 曾经在地球上七大洲中的六大洲生活过. If anyone knows a good real estate agent for Antarctica, please let him know.



米娅Randriamampianina is the communications and social and behavior change communication specialist for the USAID Mikajy environmental activity in Madagascar. She has been working in the communications field since 2008 across multiple sectors, 包括卫生, 水和卫生促进健康, 性别和人口, 和发展. 她与国家协调机构合作, different International NGOs including the International HIV AIDS  Alliance, 护理, 和“水援助组织”, 以及联合国人口基金. 她擅长战略沟通, 宣传, 文档, 可见性交流, 与媒体合作, 社会和行为改变沟通, 和筹款.